The Sketch Book

Press Release for Exhibition
“The Sketch Book”
By Naela Aamir


Nukta studio organized a solo show in pastels by Neale Aamir with the title of “The Sketch Book” on 5th May 2018. The exhibition inaugurated by Professor Nargis Khalid. She is a senior painter and teaching painting and art history from more the 20 years nationally and internationally and now associated with Comsats Islamabad.

Neale Amir is Lahore based artist. Recently she is head of department of fine arts in college of Art & Design Punjab University Lahore. Her art works are an expression of the present mode of human society, where she finds a loss of organic connectivity. In the objects and situations that she find fascinating clues to the multi-layered interaction between human form and mother Nature.  Majorly she painted landscape, cityscape and still life. There are 34 paintings displayed in this exhibition.

This is Neale Amir’s second solo exhibition and she also participated in many other group shows in different galleries of Pakistan.

The title of this exhibition was inspired by the basic diary of an artist which is the sketch book because in this artist Draw and where he/she want to preserve his/her memories.


Sana Zara

Nukta Studios