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Funkar is the Urdu meaning of the word artist. It covers all domains of art. Funkar is a very unique program from Nukta Studios. It is a combination of visual and performing arts projects for children and youth in Pakistan.
The program offers competitions on different themes twice a year; in the end, we show appreciation to young artists (Funkar) through art exhibitions and art workshops with our supporters, art prizes, and most importantly, exposure to famous national art galleries.
It focuses on encouraging visual and performing art, thinking of the problems among children and youth from their own brains, and presenting children’s solutions as a point of dialogue with the community. It acknowledges children and youth as artists (Funkar).
Funkar offers children & youth in Pakistan an open platform to generously express themselves, be more condemnatory about life experiences, and connect with their environment, family, friends, and community.

About The


Nukta Studios Private Limited is a planned effort to achieve the objective of continuous art practice.
“Nukta” is an Urdu word that means “a dot.” It sounds like a small word but encompasses a whole world in it, only if we explore it through art. Nukta Studio is an expression of my dedication to art and craft. The only reason behind this effort is to promote and give new life to art and craft of our culture through multitalented people we have in this country.

About The


RM Naeem

Visual Artist.


President’s Award for Pride of


National award.

Provincial Award.

RM Naeem, a Pakistani visual artist, has been recognized with the prestigious President’s Award for Pride of Performance for his outstanding contributions to the field of art. Born in 1968 in Mirpurkhas, Pakistan, Naeem currently resides and works in Lahore. After completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with distinction from the National College of Arts Lahore in 1993, he went on to become an assistant professor at his alma mater. Throughout his career, Naeem has actively participated in numerous art camps and residencies abroad, further enhancing his artistic skills and expanding his creative perspectives. Not only is he an accomplished artist, but he is also an educationist who has been dedicated to promoting art education and nurturing young talent. Naeem’s commitment to art education led him to establish his own studio, STUDIO RM, in 1994, where he has been imparting artistic knowledge and conducting art counseling workshops. In 2008, he initiated the Studio RM (International) Residency programme in Lahore, providing a platform for international artists to collaborate and exchange ideas. RM Naeem’s remarkable achievements as a visual artist and educationist have cemented his position as a prominent figure in the art community, inspiring aspiring artists and fostering a love for art in Pakistan and beyond.

Abdul Jabbar Gull

Sculptor, Painter


President’s Award for Pride of Performance.


Abdul Jabbar Gull, a talented artist hailing from Mirpurkhas, Pakistan, has been honored with the prestigious President’s Award for Pride of Performance., a testament to his outstanding contributions to the world of art. Reflecting on his artistic journey, Gull’s initial exposure to the world of art was unconventional, influenced by a sign painter in his hometown who worked with calligraphy and portraits. This early inspiration sparked his interest in calligraphy and sketching. As he pursued his education at the National College of Art in Lahore, Gull delved into various disciplines of sculpture, ultimately discovering his true passion. The human form emerged as a central theme in his work, with wood becoming a sympathetic medium for his artistic expressions. Gull’s carvings, employing both additive and subtractive processes, reflect his continuous exploration of life’s mysteries and ambiguities. The President’s Pride of Performance Award recognizes Abdul Jabbar Gull’s profound impact on the art world and celebrates his unwavering dedication to artistic expression.

Dr. Arjumand Faisel

Curator, Gallery 6

Art Collector

Public Health Specialist



Dr. Arjumand Faisel is a medical doctor with three post graduate degrees in public health from Pakistan and USA. In his young age, he had the opportunity of very close interactions with leading painters of Pakistan like Ali Imam, Rasheed Ahmed Arshad, Jamil Naqsh, Bashir Mirza, Ahmed Parvez and Sadequain during 1970s to 1990s which created his passionate involvement in the world of paintings.

He curated the first exhibition in January 1972 at the Johnny’s Art Gallery in Karachi, at the age of 18 years. In 1976. At age of 24, he established “ZEENA – The Art Workshop”, an outlet for sale of art works of budding artists.

In 1980’s and 90s he focused entirely on his professional development in medical and public health in Pakistan and USA and then practicing at the Aga Khan University Hospital, USAID Islamabad, and WHO in Alexandria.

In late 90s, he met RM Naeem, and this association served as a catalyst leading to revival of interest in art. In 1999, he established a group “Promote Art in Pakistan [PAP]”, which financially helped the struggling art students and young artists in a unique way for five years.

In March 2008, he established “Gallery6”, and since then has curated over 100 shows nationally and also in USA, India and Australia. He has also made presentations about Pakistani art in these countries. From January 2010, he has held teaching sessions at various art colleges.

Dr. Arjumand also continues to paint, but not as frequently as he desires because of his several commitments in the field of public health, education, social work and art.


Pakistan in 2024

Artists are encouraged to think and paint unconventional ideas using colors which are creative and unexplored. Bring the beauty of your minds to life through your art! Whether it’s high hills, city skylines, or serene lakes, let your imagination guide your brush or pencil to create what you want to see in 2024 Pakistan.


  • Total Prizes worth of PKR. 7,00,000
  • Cash Prizes for the Children
  • 50 Cash Prizes in Total
  • Souvenirs & Trophies for position holders.
  • Certificates of appreciation for all participants
  • Certificates for acknowledged teachers.
  • Best school awards
  • Souvenirs & honorariums for Jury members
  • Special gifts for the chief guest or guest of honors.
  • Electronic and social media coverage for winners in all categories on national and social platforms.

Age Groups

  • 4-26 Years (Schools , Colleges & Universities)
  • Individual artists.
  • Differently able Children



Submission Deadline



  • Drawing/Painting: Size A3
  • Digital painting: Size A3
  • Photography: Size A3
  • Posters: Size A3
  • Miniature Painting: Size: A4
  • Print Making: Size: A4
  • Sculpture: 2 Feet
 Note: Title your artwork and Submissions will not be returned

Fee Submission

Schools: PKR 700

Colleges: PKR 1000

Universities: PKR 1500

Individual artists: PKR 1500

Free for Differently Able Children, Community, Government, and NGO Schools

Fee can be submitted through the following 3 ways;

Direct Online Transfer/IBFT/Bank Deposit/Demand draft/cross cheque drawn on the name of “Funkar”

Account Title: FUNKAR
Account #: 3420-301-000-005-302
IBAN: PK58FAYS3420301000005302
Faysal Bank Pwd branch
NTN No: 3183287-3

Jazz Cash mobile account

Account No: 03335496206
Account Title: Muhammad Sajjad Akram

Easy Paisa mobile account

Account No: 03335496206
Account Title: Muhammad Sajjad Akram

Fee Proof: Please Take a photo or screenshot of fee transaction and submit it along with the artwork as fee proof.


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